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Pardes Middle School

Where every student is challenged and inspired to become joyful, lifelong learners, and confident leaders in their communities.


About Pardes Middle School

As an integral part of Pardes Day School and anchored in our Jewish roots, we're thrilled to announce our expansion up to 6th grade this year. Each year, we've grown a grade, a testament to our commitment to nurturing a vibrant, inclusive, and forward-thinking Jewish learning environment.  At Pardes Middle School, we blend traditional Jewish teachings and values with a modern, well-rounded academic curriculum. We passionately instill in our students a deep Jewish spirit, creating a bond with their heritage that enriches their personal journey and empowers them to contribute positively to the world around them. Our innovative curriculum inspires intellectual curiosity, encourages real-world application, and fosters social and emotional growth. We place a strong emphasis on equipping our students with the necessary skills and tools to succeed not only in high school but also in life beyond academia. Students at Pardes Middle School experience a diverse range of learning opportunities that go beyond traditional textbook education. We focus on preparing our learners for the dynamic, ever-evolving world by fostering their problem-solving abilities, emotional intelligence, collaboration skills, and resilience. Under the guidance of Rabbi Levi Druin, an educator with a deep passion for both education and industrial psychology, we're building an educational experience where every student is seen, supported, and inspired to reach their full potential. We warmly invite you to join us in this exciting new chapter of growth. Together, let's continue to make Pardes Middle School a place where every child can explore, learn, and thrive within the light of Jewish wisdom and values.

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