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Our Team

Pardes Middle School is home to an amazing team of educators dedicated to helping every student excel. Our highly qualified staff delivers a personalized learning experience designed to engage and challenge each student, enabling them to reach their full potential.

Katy Horowitz

Head of School

Geoff Campbell

Administrator Assistant and Coach

Rabbi Josh Sumner

Science & World Geography Jewish History & Navi Expert

Sarah Miriam Fuchs

Judaic Studies Teacher
Kriah Expert

Chayale Lapchinsky

Office Manager

Sharon Eichberg


Dina Kranz

Educational Design and Academic Advisor

Mindi Gordon

ELA Teacher

Nirit Tayas-Zamir

Earth Science and Gardening

Tamara Bosch

Head of Cleaning Crew

The real hero of Pardes Middle School!

Rabbi Levi Druin


Rabbi Ovadaya Rogalsky

Lead Judaic Studies Rebbi

Haviva Halpert

Math Teacher

Shevach Tamir

SEL Coach

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